New Eagle mark 3 for the Chilean Air Force Aerophotogrammetric Service

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Delivery of the camera to the facilities of the Chilean Air Force Aerophotogrammetric Service.

The SAF (Servicio Aerofotogramétrico de la Fuerza Aérea de Chile) has acquired a complete digital aerial camera system consisting of an UltraCam Eagle Mark 3, an UltraNav FMS and INS system and UltraMap, an advanced software for photogrammetric production, everything developed and manufactured by Vexcel Imaging GmbH.

This camera is the most modern and advanced system in the market, offering a 450 megapixels large format image, the biggest in terms of photogrammetric cameras.

Installation of the supplied equipment and training of the users.

GeoTool Box Ibérica (GTBi), as Vexcel Imaging’s regional partner for Latin America for more than 20 years, has been in charge of this successful project, accomplishing the tasks of delivering the camera at SAF facilities in Santiago de Chile and running the installation and test flights in the two aircrafts operated by SAF, LearJet 35 and Twin Otter. It has been provided as well local training for mission planning, data processing and generation of photogrammetry products like digital surface models, true orthophoto and 3D texturized models.

Members of the project in front of the LearJet of the Chilean Air Force.

In this project, GTBi has been closely assisted by its long term local partner in Chile, GeoXite.

With this new equipment, SAF is the first institution, either public or private, owing an UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 in Latin America, placing themselves at the top of the mapping production capabilities and becoming a technological reference in the region.